People`s artist of Ukraine, laureate of Taras Shevchenko state prize, soloist of Metropolitan Opera (New York), soloist of Mariinsky Theatre (Saint Petersburg, 1996-2006). From year 2005 he is a member of International Federation of Festival Organizations (FIDOF)

Vladimir Grishko is bright phenomenon of Slavic modern culture, last apprentice of legendary maestro Luciano Pavarotti, singer and composer. Range is two-line and half octave, charge of absolute positive and spirits, which receive admirers and connoisseurs of his unusual talent on the concerts. Amplitude of his repertoire is unique – from classics up to estrade.

Vladimir has more than 30 recorded discs issued all over the world (Naxos – Japan, Shandos – Canada, TSR – Germany), unique creative experiments, duets with Opera Stars: Luciano Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballe, Alesandro Safino, Demis Roussos, Ricchi e Poveri, Amici Foreve, Andrea Bocelli, Alla Pugachova, Nikolai Baskov, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, performances on the best concert halls of the world (USA, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Scotland, Czech Republic, etc.).

He is in Ukrainian Book of records as an artist among Ukrainian opera singers who 44 times sang in star parts in «Metropolitan Opera», in period from 1995 up to 2008.

From 2004 until now – Vladimir Grishko is professor of Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academie of music. He has a special vocal class, which consists of foreign students from China. Many students and graduates became winners of different international singing competitions.

In 2004 Vladimir acted as author of project and producer of Slavic vocal festival «Kyivska Rus», which has united  cultures of Slavic nations of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Year 2005 was marked by grand world project under name “True Symphonic Rockestra” – mixed project, because operatic music was sung in rock music style, which had united three singers: James LaBrie, Thomas Duval and Vladimir Grishko.

Canadian Cavin James LaBrie – vocalist of legendary progressive-rock group Dream Theater, which recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with grand world tour. German Thomas Duval – European tenor Ukrainian Vladimir Grishko.

Record was made in one of the most modern  studios of Germany, album has been issued in Europe in multimillion edition, now there is preparation to the next joint project.

„The New York Times” wrote: "The main interest for a reviewer was the Met debut of a Russian tenor as Rodolfo...Last season Vladimir Grishko won strong notices for his performance in Borodin's `Prince Igor' at the New York City Opera.  His sound is clear and burnished; his top notes have a nice ping and carrying power."

Nikolai Baskov (peoples artist of Russia), «Gold voice of Russia», told his impression after joint successful concert  in Kremlin: «I`m happy that fate gifted me meeting with Vladimir Grishko. He is excellent singer! I was present on rehearsals and simply enjoyed his singing, he is an artist of high level,who appears on the most prestige halls of the world. I try to study under all persons, being associated with different artists. Vladimir has fantastic aura, he perfectly possesses its voice. One would think, he sings famous repertoire, but what nuances are there in his singing, what technique, virtuosity!»

In June 2010 Vladimir Grishko took part in grand gala-concert in Edinburgh (Scotland) together with such legends as Demis Roussos and Ricchi e Poveri.

            In May 2011 in Kyiv there was solo recital of Vladimir Grishko with new program «Masterpieces of Legendary hits» and issuing of album «Golden Hits“.

December 2011 – Presentation of first estrade album «Alien paradise» and video clip for the song «Beautiful». Grand concert in National Palace «Ukraine» with Montserrat Caballe.

            March 2012 – solo recital «To beloved persons for the 8th of March», with new program, in National Palace «Ukraine». Shooting of video «Inexplicable». Founder and honorary member of jury of the Fyodor Shalyapin First classic vocal festival – competition «New World». Founder of production center «Talanted youth».

            April 2013 - Vladimir Grishko was an honorary guest and head of the jury of the international competition "Classic Russian Romance" in London, United Kingdom.

            2014 – Vladimir Grishko has a concert-tour in Europe & China, and also has lots of vocal-master class with a yang opera soloist.

On the best stages of country – there is unique concert program in which Vladimir acts both as presenter and singer. On concert there is always live sound!



符拉基米尔  歌林诗科 




符拉基米尔  歌林诗科-斯拉夫现代文明的奇迹,帕瓦罗蒂大师最后的弟子和合作者,歌手,作曲家。声音超过2个八度.

          符拉基米尔  歌林诗科与全世界的歌唱大师合作,其中包括帕瓦罗蒂的二重奏,Lucianno Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballé,Alessandro Safína,Demis Roussos,Ricchi E Poveri,Amici Forever, Andrea Bocelli, 在全球范围发行过超过30张专辑,。

          符拉基米尔  歌林诗科的名字以乌克兰美声歌手在1995年到2008年44次担任大都会歌剧院主角被录入入乌克兰记录里。


          从2004年到今天-符拉基米尔  歌林诗科担任乌克兰国立柴可夫斯基音乐大学教授。在此期间曾多次担任中国留学生导师,他的学生曾经在许多国际大赛上获得名次。


          2005年符拉基米尔  歌林诗科担任大型纪录片《基辅罗斯》的作者和制片人,该纪录片以特殊的角度记录了俄罗斯,白俄罗斯和乌克兰特有的斯拉夫民族文化。

          2006年符拉基米尔  歌林诗科和James LaBrie,Thomas Duval在德国一个现代工作室里录制了 True Symphonic Rockestra,在歌剧中加入了摇滚风格。该专辑在欧洲大卖,现在正在积极进行下一张合作专辑。


            2010年符拉基米尔  歌林诗科在爱丁堡举行盛大的音乐会,其中Demis Roussos ,Ricchi E Poveri 等大师亲自到现场助演。


          2011年符拉基米尔  歌林诗科在乌克兰基辅最大的舞台上举行了个人音乐会,并同步发布专辑  Golden Hits



          2011年12月在基辅乌克兰宫演奏厅符拉基米尔  歌林诗科大师和Montserrat Caballé 共同合作举办音乐会。


          2013年4月符拉基米尔  歌林诗科担任在伦敦举行的 《俄罗斯怀旧浪漫歌曲集》的客座嘉宾和国际陪审团成员。


          乌克兰歌剧演唱家符拉基米尔  歌林诗科的命运礼物就是与意大利伟大的传奇男高音歌唱家帕瓦罗蒂的结识。帕瓦罗蒂首次命名弗拉基米尔 格林斯科为歌唱大师,以后乌克兰男高音歌唱家将专门使用这个名称。



          帕瓦罗蒂在自己最后一个学生 符拉基米尔  歌林诗科的生活和工作中发挥了真正的至关重要的作用-跟随帕瓦罗蒂老师的指导,艺术大师格里史科已经超越了歌剧舞台,并在新的层面展露了他的才华。多年来演出了各种风格的歌曲,符拉基米尔  歌林诗科

在2013年推出两个新的专辑——«无法解释» 和 «祈求».


          符拉基米尔  歌林诗科成功结合了两个完全不相容的平面:古典和舞台。在国外弗拉基米尔 格林斯科是伟大的男高音歌唱家,在独联体国家的歌唱家更像一个抒情诗人,人类灵魂的鉴赏家和真正的浪漫主义者。